Creating Beautiful and Functional Spaces

Interior Design:

Projects include remodels, additions and renovations.  Starting with a concept, a design for the space, working/managing contractors and working with timelines.  AnaVera will also find the perfect room layout and wall covering/colors for the space.  AnaVera brings her expertise and professionalism to complete the project with the client's budget in mind and on a reasonable timely manner. 

Design drawings:

AnaVera will help you put your ideas on paper. Are you working with a contractor? Do you have a clever idea for your space but do not know how to convey it. Let AnaVera put those ideas on paper. Beautiful drawings that will help you share and create what you really want and need for your space.

Re-design and Re-Discover:

If you are feeling tired of the way your space looks, but you don’t have the budget to buy new furniture, we can come assess your belongings and give you an AnaVera Makeover. Learn to use what you have in new ways and only buy what’s really essential to give new life to your space. We can help you see your things in new ways. Let AnaVera come and work her “Magic” by seeing your items in a totally new and different way.

Furniture and Storage Consultation:

If you know how you want to organize your things but you need help figuring out a storage solution, we can help you with a range of options. We can help you choose from a range of options from baskets, bins, and containers to functional/fun furniture pieces that will make the space feel bigger and fit your lifestyle. We will find the perfect storage solution that will make it easy to keep your space beautiful and clutter free.

Organizing with Style:

When you schedule an organization session with AnaVera, rest assured that we will help you get you organized but we will also help you manage your space so it stays that way. Working alongside you, we begin by decluttering so we can make some important decisions. Once you decide what goes and what you are keeping, AnaVera will help you find the perfect storage solution that matches your habits. We create a system that you can easily follow and maintain after we leave. You will also learn where to donate, discard and re-sell your unwanted items.


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